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Block Paved Driveways

Most homeowners, when it comes to creating or resurfacing a driveway, choose between either block paving or resin-bound gravel. Either are an excellent choice for properties in the UK since both types of covering are permeable, meaning you don’t have to worry about a build up of surface water when it rains. Another plus is the fact that both block paving and resin-bound gravel come in a variety of colours, allowing you to create an individual look for your home. Although resin-bound gravel is the more expensive of the two, it’s also the one that requires less maintenance since weeds can’t penetrate through the surface.

Here is a quick run-down of both drive way coverings; their benefits and their drawbacks:

Block Paving

There is plenty of variety for block paving in terms of both colour and design. It’s also easy to create a beautiful bespoke driveway. It’s less expensive than resin-bound gravel but it does need to be maintained more regularly since weeds can grow between the bricks. Although these can be removed using a jet spray the sand between the bricks erodes over time, potentially allowing more weeds to flourish in the driveway and causing the bricks to become uneven unless the gaps are resealed.

Resin-bound gravel

Again, resin-bound gravel also offers plenty of variety for homeowners in terms of design and colour and is popular for patios and pool areas as well as driveways. A surface which requires less maintenance than other driveway materials simply because once it is down, it really is impossible for weeds and other materials to penetrate. Resin-bound gravel is also quick to install since it can be laid over a number of existing flooring such as concrete or tarmac. This in itself can prove a reasonable cost-saving measure because there is no ground work to pay for.

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